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Time Shares


Dissecting Time Shares

Time share purchasing may seem like an attractive option for the snowbird.  It’s advertised as an affordable way to not worry about planning your vacation destinations and referred as an “investment”—since you may be able to re-sell your purchase.  Time share companies also give away enticing gifts and vacations just for listening to the offer.  Time shares, however, can be the most expensive way to snowbird. 

Here are some tips on time shares, to ensure it’s what you want to do:

  1. BulletTime shares are NOT an investment (although many are sold with this language).

  2. BulletDon’t take gifts or vacations from time share companies, so you don’t feel guilty and buy in

  3. BulletHave a trusted professional review the contract

  4. BulletAsk about maintenance fees and if they’ll increase in the future


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