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Rental Accommodations



The Estimated Bill

Annual Lease

Village of La Casa Del Sol

1 Bed, 1 Bath Cottage Rental

$ 375    -Rent                      

                (Average Monthly Rate)

$ 150    -Utilities         

$ 543   Total Monthly Rate

            (One year lease)

$5335  Total price with utilities for a 5 month stay

(+ 7 months as a bonus.  Stay as long as you like!)

The Estimated Bill

Short term Rental

Equity Lifestyle Homes

Manufactured Home For Rent

(Large company, many locations)

$ 1600    -Rent                      

$ 180    -Utilities (Electric)          

$ 1780   Total Monthly Rate

             (4 month lease min.)

$ 8900  Total price with utilities for a 5 month stay

The Estimated Bill

Private Party Short Term Rental

Median price for Florida  as listed in Sno-bird.com Classifieds

$ 1500    -Rent                      

$ 180    -Utilities (Electric)          

$ 1680   Total Monthly Rate

             (3 month lease min.)

$ 8400  Total price with utilities for a 5 month stay

There are two main types of leases available: long term and short term.  If you wish to stay on short term lease for only a few months during the winter, the price is usually a higher monthly rate than the rate for a 12 month lease.  Make sure you look at the total price and make important considerations such as where to store furniture and items in the off-season.  Short term rentals can be a big headache if they are not furnished with necessary items, and you don’t want to be stuck moving furniture every season.  Also keep in mind that short term rentals may be subject to Short term rental sales tax (similar to a hotel or tourism tax). 

The following are some Estimated Bills for accommodations in some popular areas in Florida.  Prices will vary widely and are always changing, but the following examples help illustrate the different available leases.  For the most current listings, take a look at the isnowbird.com FOR RENT page.

Renting a condo or other home from a private party.

A great way to spend the winter in a spectacular property is to look for private individuals renting out a home for your desired time period.  You will find links to some of these rentals on our “For Rent” pages.  There is some additional risk to renting from a private party.  Make sure to get as much information as you can about the accommodations and the person renting the home.  Make a solid effort to verify all information and make sure that the accommodation is a legitimate offering prior to sending money.  Some private party rentals use property management companies which help in the leasing process.

Sun Lake Oasis Luxury Home in Sun Lakes, AZ

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Sun Lakes Oasis- This private party home rental is managed professionally.  Offered in one of Arizona’s premier luxury destinations.  Sun Lakes, AZ

Golden Pond Village Cottage Rentals- Cottage Rentals in the Ocala, Florida area for as low as $3795 for one year.

Village of La Casa Del Sol Rental Cottages- Village of La Casa Del Sol offers cottage rentals for as low as $4500 for the whole year.

Each link will take you to an outside website.  Link will pop up in a new window (We recommend turning popup blockers off).  Don’t forget to Bookmark isnowbird.com!

We explore Manufactured Homes (AKA Mobile Homes) in the next topic.


Village of 
La Casa Del Sol 55+ Community
Located in Davenport, FL near Disney
Great Snowbird lease 
Community events and activities such as bingo, theme dinners, and more!

(800) 597-1255 Call for a FREE BROCHURE

Visit our website at VillageFlorida.comhttp://www.villageflorida.com

Cottage Rental at Village of La Casa Del Sol in Davenport, Florida

One option is to rent an apartment or cottage from a company.  This option is reliable, because you will rent from professionals (not individuals).  Maintenance and repairs on the home are typically provided for by the company.  When looking for an apartment or similar accommodation, strongly consider finding a 55+ community so that you can experience unique social events with other snowbirds.

Renting an apartment or cottage in a 55+ Park from a company.