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Manufactured Homes


Great home and community feel

55+ manufactured home parks in Florida have a unique character.  Unlike many neglected family “trailer parks,” Florida 55+ manufactured home parks are typically well-maintained and have great amenities.  Newer manufactured homes can be purchased relatively inexpensively keeping costs down.  The interior and exterior of these new manufactured homes have many modern features that give them the feel of a site-built single family home.  You will find great kitchens, baths, and open living spaces for an affordable price.  Many 55+ manufactured home parks also have nice clubhouses and shared facilities perfect for the snowbird lifestyle.

New Fleetwood manufactured Home with front porch at Merritt Island Village in Merritt Island, FL

Exterior Photo (Above), Modern Kitchen (Below)

Great locations at an affordable monthly rate

Manufactured home parks offer a mix between renting and buying.  Most manufactured home parks are what is referred to as “land-lease” communities.  This means that you purchase and maintain your own home while leasing a lot in the community.  Typically snowbirds can afford to live in a better location with a nicer house if you lease the land versus purchasing a condo or house.

For example, a condo in the Merritt Island area might be available for sale at $200,000.  With $50,000 as a down payment, the monthly mortgage payment (30 years fixed at 6.5%) would be about $948.  Add a typical $180 /month HOA fee i plus annual real estate taxes and the monthly payment would be more than $1200.  Alternatively, a manufactured home in a park could be purchased for about $50,000.  The monthly lot rent would be about $300 /mo plus a yearly state tag fee would make the total monthly payment about $310 per month.

Local laws in most states, including Florida, have stringent laws to protect home owners in manufactured home parks from unfair practices.  When you purchase a home in a community, you are typically provided with paperwork explaining the rules of the community and your protections.  Typically you pay one lot rent which covers real estate taxes and expenses for common amenities.  Water is sometimes included, but other utilities are the homeowners’ responsibility. Landscaping service is also included sometimes.

There are also “Resident-owned” communities with lots you can purchase.  These communities are difficult to find and are often costly.  There are additional costs for the homeowner including real estate taxes and HOA fees to pay for common amenities.


Clubhouse at Golden Pond Village in Belleview, FL

View from the Water at Merritt Island Village 55+ Manufactured Home Park

Increased Storm Protection

With all of the media coverage of hurricanes, you may have some concerns about manufactured homes.  Unlike older mobile homes, newer manufactured homes are able to withstand harsh storm conditions.  After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and the storms of 2004 and 2005, State and Federal governments established strict new guidelines for homes in the storm region.  Homes are constructed with thicker walls and straps that secure the
home at least every four feet.  The result is that most manufactured homes built to the new standards have weathered recent hurricanes just fine (Source: MHI).  Much of the damage shown on TV from these storms are older manufactured homes (pre-1990s) and attachments (such as screen rooms and carports).  We can not predict what nature will bring, but when purchasing a manufactured home, consider that a newer home will have increased protection over an older home due to wind zone construction and more stringent setup requirements.

The home pictured above shows tie down straps used on newer manufactured home setups.

The Estimated Bill

New Manufactured Home

Merritt Island Village 55+

Merritt Island, FL

About 1000 Sq. feet completely setup with front porch

$ 50,000    -Home Price                      


$ 315   -Lot Rent (interior)

           -Incl landscaping

            -Incl. Water/sewer

            -Incl. Trash

$3780 Lot Rent per year

The Estimated Bill

New Manufactured Home

Golden Pond Village 55+

Belleview, FL

About 1000 Sq. feet completely setup with front porch

$ 59,997    -Home Price                      


$ 205   -Lot Rent

           -Incl water, sewer

            -Incl. Trash

$2628 Lot Rent per year

The Estimated Bill

Used Manufactured Home

Example of a Recent Sale at Golden Pond Village 55+

Belleview, FL

$ 22,000    -Home Price                      


$ 219   -Lot Rent

           -Incl water, sewer

            -Incl. Trash

$2628 Lot Rent per year

Here are some examples of manufactured homes and lot rents.  Make sure to look at the FOR SALE page for the most up to date listings.

In the next topic we will examine the RV lifestyle.

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