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Golden Pond Village, Florida

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Snowbird Housing and the Snowbird Lifestyle!  Our tools and articles will help you plan your winter snowbird escape to Florida, Arizona or California.  It is our goal to provide you with quality information and links to help you plan your snowbird escape.

Look under “Types of Housing” to narrow your retirement housing search.  Our “Home Search” will help you find the perfect winter rentals, seasonal rentals, and homes for sale.  The “Preparations” section will give you information on moving and becoming a Snowbird. 

Find Snowbird Rentals, Snowbird homes, Snowbird relocation information, and everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a snowbird all in one convenient place at


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Pictures on this page: 

Right and Left: Village of La Casa Del Sol

Davenport, Florida  (Near Disney)

Center:  Merritt Island Village Resort

Merritt Island, FL

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